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Mediation/Analytical Mediation:
Mediation, in general is the process by which two parties resolve a conflict in a voluntary fashion, by working with one trained mediator, whose aim is to bring the parties to a reasonable and mutually satisfactory result. Parties may or may not have an attorney or attorneys already on board, who can participate as need be, in the mediation process. The aim remains the same, irrespective of who is involved; for the parties to resolve the conflict, mainly out of court in a mutually satisfactory manner.

Analytical mediation is the particular brand of mediation developed by Calm Interventions Inc., and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator that focuses on finding the roots of the conflict itself. Analytical Mediation is a highly specialized form of mediation, because unlike other forms of mediation, the insight of the mediator is paramount, and will in essence call peoples’ behavior for what it is, albeit in a respectful friendly manner, to truly get to a resolution that is deeper and emotionally and psychologically more binding than just some words tossed onto a piece of paper. Once discovering the true root of the problem, the parties can and will experience a sense of relief and a sense of freedom for their future!

Couple’s/Family Mediation:
Is a fundamental commitment and particular expertise of Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator. Through Jon Myers’ unbelievably hard-earned experience. Jon has a fundamental commitment to changing the way divorce and family matters are conducted, beginning here in the Boston area, spreading through Massachusetts, America and the world. The current world of divorce and family law is not just too adversarial, but in many ways its applications tear families apart, leaving them emotionally broken down, and financially and practically in tatters. Calm Interventions with Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator changes all of that, with a unique commitment to families, predicated on our unique fifteen year perspective on divorce. The fifteen year perspective on divorce reveals to people the fifteen year cycle that often results from divorce, with strong encouragement to make sound and caring decisions in the first place, so as to prevent future devastation.

Heart of A Champion Coaching:
All of us have dreams and visions; not all of us develop the courage and conviction to pursue our dreams and visions. Adversity is one door that opens up the pathway to pursue the best us; although it is not the only one. Heart of A Champion coaching is a unique approach based on the philosophy of “Turning hard times into better times” of how we as individuals, families, even organizations can find our inner strength in the midst of adversity or hard times. One of the great challenges in today’s modern world, is that we are often confounded, confused and overwhelmed by the range of choices that confront us. Heart of A Champion coaching, first helps us to identify those one or two, or perhaps three things that are most important to us, and get our thoughts, actions and vision in line with what matters most to us. First we help you, identify what is most important to you; then we help you gain the confidence to develop a vision for what you want to accomplish in the best sense; finally we work with you to develop an action plan that is flexible and resilient to help you surmount obstacles that are in your path; all bringing out the you that was meant to be.

Positive communication:
Organizations in today’s modern world similarly to heart of a champion coaching must develop a sense of their own internal strength; their own sense of mission and purpose, and then work to communicate those messages, in straightforward and constructive ways. Any business, any organization worth its salt, has a central purpose and special quality; either it is the reason that brought the entity together in the first place, or it is something that has emerged along the way.

Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator work with you, to identify what is unique and compelling about your work and your special place in the world; then we help you to develop constructive ways to get your message out. Additionally when organizations face a hard time, either internally or with the public, Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator helps you develop the internal strength, sense or purpose, and importantly the manner of your message, to communicate either internally or with the public in appropriate and assertive ways.

Happy Families/Great Marriage:
Not all families who work with Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator are at the point of divorce or need consider it; yet there are important issues and challenges in every family, including parenting, adolescence and other just basic communication issues. Our commitment is to happy families, families that work together, come to their best possible place together, as families are the building block of society, Every family faces points of challenges; these are the moments to get Calm; a Calm Interventions assessment.

Another area where far too little research and definition on the part of society itself has been done, is in the area of what makes for a good or even great marriage. As a society we have not defined what makes for a good relationship and a great marriage, leading to high divorce rates and general confusion about what marriage is. We work with you to define what a marriage is really all about, and then help to set parameters for what can lead to a happy, if not great marriage. Human beings have lived long enough; it is time we come to some sense about what is a great marriage!

The fifteen year cycle of divorce:
One of the great untold secrets of divorce is the pain and misery it can cause not just in its initial stages, when clearly the emotional pain of separation itself is so deep, but in a practical sense, what happens to the sense of family, not to mention the children, and monetary assets over a fifteen year period. While it is clear that certain couples need to separate; sometimes that is what is required a separation with Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator’s care and expertise. Even in cases where divorce needs to occur on a more permanent basis, it needs be done with all of the TLC that can be mustered for the children, assets and family. Many outside parties, including extended family, lawyers, courts will have perhaps exaggerated input at critical moments in the beginning, but after the dust settles it is the family itself that must live with the actual results and outcome of the situation. Divorce is no cocktail party; in particular Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator offers a unique perspective on what is going to happen down the road, when everybody else has fled the scene, and the family itself will have to deal with shared interests, be they financial, health care, college education and other unexpected events. Thus it is surely the families’, with two responsible adults at the helm, be educated on the true cost of divorce and to make the right and best decisions for their families interests. Working with Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator ensures that the control of your situation will be kept in your hands, not the courts, lawyers or extended family!

Defeating Parental Alienation:
One of the secret serpents of modern day divorce is a phenomenon called Parental Alienation. Along with physical abuse, Parental Alienation is the most extreme and egregious form of conduct in a marital or post-marital relationship. Parental Alienation involves efforts by one parent; often an emotionally challenged parent themselves, to alienate or otherwise estrange a child or children from the other parent. The efforts of the disturbed parent can be both extremely harsh, as well as subtle, continually working to undercut the child’s (ren’) relationship with the healthier parent. Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse, as the child is bombarded by negative images and finds their basic confidence and sense of place and reason of the world continually challenged, if not undercut. Modern divorce culture has been extremely slow to recognize the phenomenon of Parental Alienation and courts even slower, if at all, to work to intercede in favor of the parent who is finding their basic parenting role undercut. Calm Interventions and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator, have developed effective strategies for the parent who is being targeted to adopt in their own life, and with respect to their relationship with the child(ren); so that first and foremost the parent does not lose their peace of mind with respect to this outrageously challenging issue, and second keeps alive and ultimately intact their sense of love and care for their child (ren). Our strategies are masterful on this, as they are your child (ren)!

Addressing people with severe personality disorder and behaviors:
One of the most confusing issues in society today is with much enhanced communication tools and exposure is the fuller emergence and understanding of extreme personality types. Previously personality characteristics including: Narcissism, borderline personality disorder and psychopathic behaviors were not commonly understood and recognized. The unbelievably challenging thing about the behaviors listed is not just an underlying emotional violence of these characteristics, but a deeply embedded degree of deceit and deception in the people affected by these disorders. The deceit and deception takes the form of people who on many outer societal levels can comes across as “successful” and prominent even, while in engaging themselves in patterns of human behavior that can phenomenally deleterious, even to the point of being emotionally parasitic on other human beings. Often these people can seem like the life of the party, and in a court setting for instance, can often in subtle and pernicious ways be the antagonist, while appearing to people in positions of authority, Judges, lawyers and court officials as benign or “innocent” people. In reality the behavior of said people, is about as far from innocent, as one can fathom. Calm Interventions Inc., and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator have developed deep skills in recognizing said behaviors and personality characteristics. Courts as of yet are not prepared to recognize and address the consequences of such manipulative behavior. Calm Interventions Inc., and Jon Myers, The World’s Best Mediator recognize these behaviors, call them out respectfully in a mediation process, and ensure that agreements are fair, and truly reflective of the true emotional reality of the situation!