Dear Reader or visitor to this website:

In calling myself The World’s Best Mediator, I want to be clear where it is coming from as the pages of this website will reflect. In a sincere sense, I have been through the fire and storm of life, and true to my philosophy of “Turning hard times into better times” I have emerged all the better, happier and stronger for it. I believe on some level, it was even “divine intervention,” as I was quoted in a newspaper article, and that the product that emerged from all of that, was not just a better person, but The World’s Best Mediator. Continuing basically my thirty-two years of service in the Greater Boston area, with recent mediation successes behind me, I look in a renewed sense to provide service to you, and to change the way divorce and family law, and mediation in general is conducted.

I am confident I can stand behind everything on this website and more, and look forward to serving you. Thank you for reading this note, and exploring this website. I look forward to hearing from you sincerely helping you turn hard times into better times!

Sincerely Yours,