about Jon

Jon Myers considers his life to be blessed by his basic commitments and what he has learned in life. Jon’s life is living testimony to the philosophy he has developed: “Turning hard times into better times.” Jon has a thirty-two year history of service in the Greater Boston area, but it truly is the unbelievable work that Jon began in 1996 that is the essence of Calm Interventions Inc. and all our service.

First hand, Jon has discovered how adversity can be the great teacher. in our lives; opening doors and pathways to growth and understanding that we never knew we had. Most of us have 1000 or more ideas and thoughts we could and would pursue, but when hard times hit, we no longer have the luxury about thinking extraneous random thoughts, instead we must focus on the one or two things that are most important.

Jon’s career was distinguished enough, prior to forming Calm Interventions Inc., in 2002 for several Mayors and University Presidents to comment on Jon and his commitment to service; such as: Cambridge Mayor Kenneth Reeves writing of Jon’s “indefatigable nature” and that he “cares very very deeply about families and children;” or MIT President Charles Vest commending Jon’s efforts to lead and mediate two historic controversies in the City of Cambridge; or Cambridge Mayor Michael A. Sullivan, in 2004 stating that “Jon had found his niche;” or upon moving the company to Newton in 2005, Newton Mayor David Cohen stating that “Jon would dramatically improve the quality of life in Newton, and….we stole Jon from Cambridge;” or President Emeritus Derek Bok of Harvard saying to Jon in a private conversation: “You are doing one of the things that matter.”

Still it was Jon’s advocacy and work in being Forged by Fire, that truly helped Jon discover the genius and champion within him. By committing to his two sacred children, and the world in general, that divorce and families matters would be conducted in a sane, rational, even compassionate manner Jon walked the walk in terms of helping his own children, as well as divining a better way for divorce and family law matters, for the world. Calm Interventions Inc. is a reflection and commitment to that service. While Jon has provided service for thirty-two years in the Greater Boston area; he views what is happening now, as just a new beginning, the culmination of years of labor, that are offered and served to residents of Newton, Boston and New England. Please join with us.

Jon Myers’ Record of service

2002-Current Cambridge, MA, and now Newton, MA. Founded and developed Calm Interventions Inc., a Massachusetts based corporation with a fundamental commitment to divorce and family law reform, as well as coaching that helps people find and discover their inner strength, and reach for their goals and visions.

1996-2002. Executive Director Training Innovations Inc., Cambridge, MA Innovated and founded non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young people in Cambridge Public Schools about careers and career advancements. Recruited prominent board of directors, including Central Square Business Association, Harvard, MIT, Chamber of Commerce, Cambridgeport Bank, Lesley University, and others. Also received five years of funding from Massachusetts legislature, by working with local State Representatives and State Senators.

1990—1995 City Councilor City of Cambridge. Mediated massive disputes involving MIT, the City of Cambridge and the community, involving both the CASPAR Homeless Emergency Center successfully resolving a fourteen year conflict, and long stymied Cambrideport rezoning leading to the South of Pacific street rezoning in 1991 and the resulting BioTech explosion from those twenty years onward. Founded city’s youth employment office and office for workforce development.

1988-1989- Director of Housing Programs Tri-CAP, Malden, Medford and Everett: Oversaw staff of seventeen and multimillion dollar budget in provision of housing services for low and moderate income residents of three city area.

1987-Employment Resources Cambridge, MA Public Relations Consultant; initiated and organized legislative breakfast, and oversaw distribution of outreach materials.

1984-1986- Program Developer/ Director of Youth Programs Cambridge Housing Authority, Cambridge, MA—Initiated, implemented and oversaw development, start-up and expansion of the Cambridge Housing Authority’s Work Force program; a pre-employment program for youth living in Public Housing in Cambridge

1980-1983 Residential Counselor and Head Residential Counselor Charles River Academy, Cambridge, MA- oversaw, expanded and dramatically improved residential program for high school boys, who could not live at home.

Educational: Oberlin College undergraduate 1980; Masters Harvard University 1984.