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A breakthough in understanding emotional abuse: The element of emotional parasitism

God only knows, why I was called for some tasks. It seems like the most grimy on some level, is understanding the element of emotional abuse. One breakthrough concept I came in touch with today on a deeper level; is the facet of parasitic behavior. The emotional abuser in many ways, attaches themselves to another human being, by creating a relationship or conflict, really of their own doing. The mainly innocent person then, finds themselves virtually or even literally trapped in the situation. You know the adage of: “Don’t wrestle with a pig in the mud, because you will get dirty and the pig loves it.” Except sometimes, with respect to emotional abuse it is not so easy to get away. The very things, we rightfully cherish the most, relating to home, children, finances, are being eerily attacked, and we are being made to be an equal or worse combatant in the situation.

Such a thing can be enormously exasperating and painful. The identification of this parasitic like behavior is crucial to a healthy society, because we deserve reason. Thanks.

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