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A cool day, in spite of the heat, lol

Today, was pretty cool. I put some finishing touches on some work that I have been savoring. I enjoy the process of production, even down to the nitty gritty details. Yes, it seemed like a happy day at that. In fact, finishing this phase of a project, just swooped on up to me. I was not really planning on it; at the moment. It was kind of like a divine inspiration, seemed to grab me, and onto it, I was. I was kind of amazed, as I have been working hard, and did not outwardly seem to have the energy to nail this today. AND then, there’s God, as the saying would go.

So off I went, and it was pure grit, I suppose, as it was hot; and as I say, perhaps I have been working too hard. Still in retrospect; it was like a breeze, in completing a number of the tasks that beckoned. One intense critic, used the phrase “happy and productive.” There is little or no doubt that I was in a happy and productive zone.

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