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A major reversal in thought AND decision:

I must say it was somewhat magical. I really did not anticipate changing my mind like this, but I truly decided for now that the off-white cream colored sport jacket is a huge winner, outstanding even. The thing also is that if you can pull it off; there are so many colors you can wear underneath a light-colored sports jacket. I needed a distinguishing jacket, at a terrific sales price BTW, AND I am kind of becoming like a white knight anyway. So voila, as my friend Simon will consider making non-sweet crepes at his little shop.

I did not think I could take another step at points today, but in letting go a tad, magic began to happen. Not that it was planned, that way, but the moment the Massachusetts law enforcement let go last Friday, fifteen minutes later they got a call about the whereabouts of suspect number two. So there is magic in the universe, along the lines of the 6 x $ 600/hour Calm Interventions Assessment. It seems like a happy and productive day as days go. Thanks.

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