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A miraculous set of connections, yay

Just some little stuff to do today; AND the universe seemed to be cooperating in wonderful style. I am grateful, for the momentum that seemed to be behind my back today. In the midst, I came to a wonderful line as well, about a mediation scenario that has challenged me for quite some time. This could be a breakthrough in the old Calm Interventions techniques, as the crucial factor entails finding the roots of the conflict.

Once the roots of conflict are discovered then a couple of things can happen: 1) Everyone else who is feeding into the energy of the leader can be aware of it, and presumably stop; 2) A picture and/or a better version of the situation can arise to replace the highly conflictual one. True to Science of Inner Strength tenets, most people do not inherently want to be at conflict. There are personality types that crave and seek out conflict; but most people would rather live at peace, given the opportunity.

This weekend can be significant, with respect to how solid this understanding is on my part.

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