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A nice moment today

Peaceful Moment in Newton

Peaceful Moment in Newton

It seems there has been a full rush the past ten years, three years, two years, six months, three months, two weeks, in escalating fashion. It seems, perhaps I pushed through to another level; and in that regard it is good to replenish, to pull in what we have learned in the process. One person, who I did some business with recently had it right in way, saying: “You are an artist.” An artist, with some science as well, lol. I guess, in some ways, I am an artist of sorts; an artist of humanity, in the best sense possibly.

Anyway, it is really nice to have some calm moments or three, under the tree, and all of that. I am wondering about drinking tap water at the moment. I can be very grateful for all of my experiences, as intense and varied as they can be. What a challenge the entire facet of what life is, and then finding our best way to live it. Peace seems a wonderful thing at the moment. Regards, Jon

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