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“A problem free philosophy”

Yes, like Hakuna Matata; the Science of Inner Strength is a wonderful philosophy and way of being that can help us move in a right direction. I am at my best, in some ways, when I embody that philosophy on many levels, of expression. I got some brochures out, communicated with close ones, did some writing and now blogging, it is a wonderful time to express the philosophy.

Summing up the Science of Inner Strength in a few words, it is about finding our inner strength, our authenticity, our true purpose, all in one. Then it becomes a matter of developing the mechanisms to bring that inner strength forward in appropriate and assertive ways. Implicit, as well; is a matter of trusting in our goodness, as an individual and an organization. That is okay for us to do well, as long as we are aligned with a greater purpose as well. That is the beauty of the Science of Inner Strength, finding that virtually divine sense within us, believing we have a right AND opportunity to accomplish great things. Thanks.

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