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Ah, it’s been a while, decency, decency and more decency:

Ah yes, it has been a time of quiet and hard work. Today, I feel like I finished a stage of a project, and I can feel wonderful. It seems that a crucial emerging cornerstone of my life is that commitment to decency and working to bring it about in society. Society, is at a precious point, AND we need caring and conscientious actions and attitudes to bring us forward. I am grateful for virtually all of my experiences, as they have guided and molded me, into something much better and stronger, than when the process of change, began occurring in my life.

There is a wonderful amount of expression in today’s society. This expression must still be mixed with some of the caliber and values that have brought us to this point. Yes, there is a need for substantial improvement in society. For me, that improvement does not come about by attacking the past. That improvement comes about by appreciating the good, in the past, and then working to change those things that need improvement. I send love, Jon

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