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Ah, little blog; back to our old friend: Trust: A great way to fly

To me, one of the true shifts in human consciousness or mindset that we need, has to do with leaving more fearing elements behind, and learning to trust. This process is a constant work in progress. Fear, is so ingrained into the human condition on some level. Historically we can see why; as we were originally born to a planet, without knowing heads or tails, and living in strain of survival.

On some level, our species has evolved quite a bit, although we surely have our work cut out for us. We live in homes, with electricity, to not greatly fear attacks from animals and the like, and have excellent technology. So, we have gotten to know our planet a little better over the course of human history. While guarantees, will virtually never be a part of the human condition: Death and taxes aside, lol; trusting ourselves and one another can become a much greater part of our shared sense of humanity. Trusting takes the edge off of things, and ALLOWS us to believe in higher influences, AND live peacefully.

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