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An amazing moment

Today, I have a wonderful feeling. I worked hard on something; thought is DOA, and then swoop, somehow, the current of life, picked me up and carried me through a certain finish line. I am proud; I had done the previous work, but for some reason, things had slipped back from the front of my mind, while dealing with the real world of life itself. This morning the inspiration came to me, and I actuated that energy necessary to carry me forward; and so it is.

Sometimes, it is those little challenges of life that provide us, with a sense of clarity and direction. So now, I have accomplished something on one front. Perhaps time for a mini-break, before proceeding on the next front. Life can be great, in spite of the pains and challenges. So now, let’s see how things go. Let go and let God, or let the universe pave the way, or whatever floats your boat. I am grateful for the US Open tennis as well. Four US women, and Del Potro versus Rafa, up next Wowsie.

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