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An outstanding start to the day: Brochure heaven:

After first touching base with the Newton Police, given the sensitivities of our time, I was able to resume brochure distribution this morning. While having a profound sense of mourning for those families and people affected by death, injury, trauma or loss by the horrific events at the Marathon, in some ways the best way for me to express my other views is to continue my work as The World’s Best Mediator, particularly with the philosophy of “Turning hard times into better times;” which in great measure is predicated on the notion of good overcoming evil.

Thus, I returned to an area where there had been a wrinkle or two in brochure distribution and had a relatively “outstanding” outing. For a reward I get to have a healthy smoothie and even a bagel at my friend Jean’s confines. I sincerely do not know who invented bagels, but they clearly are one of the best tasting foods, with cream cheese, you could ever find. So that is the start of the day, and I may get to my book today. Ciao.

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