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The journey vontinues

Amazing; some winds of change are blowing, seemingly for the great. I am thankful for all my experiences. Surely on some level the laboratory work for The Science of Inner Strength is putting things to the test to the nth degree. It makes sense if you are really going to be in the position to help people one must be sure that the methods are true and tested. Certain matters  I have worked on seem ready to grow. Once we do the work we must let go. I came to a new torn in a twenty one year matter of reaesrch; so let’s see how it all unfolds. That is one of the wonderful journeys of my life; the embracing of trust. On an even deeper sense so much of society is based on fear.

It does seem daunting to attempt to turn all of society into a trusting place; yet that seems to be my mission. At least I can visualize that type of mission. God calls us for all kinds of things. Humanity seems to be my calling!

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