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Back to order it is:

This morning, I encountered a neighbor, who gave me something of mine, and uttered the words: “Back to order.” Those words seem like a metaphor for a major mediation that I am working on. Sometimes, in our human experience things take on an Alice in Wonderland type of effect, where up is down and down is up. Such is the confusion with much of the change in our modern world.

While I embrace change and its advancements so much; I am also a proponent of not throwing out the baby for the bathwater. Human culture has much to improve upon; and yet, we must also bear in mind ALL of the progress that has occurred, and function with a sense of appreciation for that which has come before us. Substantial change does not mean throwing out, everything that has come before. It is a matter of adapting the social sensitivity and emotional empathy that is needed for all human beings, while upholding our collective determination and destiny that has preceded us!

Those who pose a false choice are acting Moronic.

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