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A miraculous set of connections, yay

Just some little stuff to do today; AND the universe seemed to be cooperating in wonderful style. I am grateful, for the momentum that seemed to be behind my back today. In the midst, I came to a wonderful line as well, about a mediation scenario that has challenged me for quite some time. This could be a breakthrough in the old Calm Interventions techniques, as the crucial factor entails finding the roots of the conflict.

Once the roots of conflict are discovered then a couple of things can happen: 1) Everyone else who is feeding into the energy of the leader can be aware of it, and presumably stop; 2) A picture and/or a better version of the situation can arise to replace the highly conflictual one. True to Science of Inner Strength tenets, most people do not inherently want to be at conflict. There are personality types that crave and seek out conflict; but most people would rather live at peace, given the opportunity.

This weekend can be significant, with respect to how solid this understanding is on my part.

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I have encountered evil

As I reflect I feel the great value of my story and my life is that I have actually encountered evil; and not only not been defeated by it, but bring forward an amazing message due to that encounter. I will say I saw a quote recently that “people are not evil; systems are.” So I will not necessarily lay that heavy rap on any one person. Things happen, and it has to do with people making faulty choices, perhaps small ones one after another; and then it can be the combined energy mixed with others that create an evil dynamic. I must say, I only using evil to describe the most “indescribable.”

The thing about evil, is that it can become very confusing for those innocents who run into it; because a certain iteration of evil entails it posing as good and reasonable. People must be very strong in order to resist evil. People can be gullible and persuaded by things. So it has taken me unbelievable preparation and divine inspiration to realize that I have encountered evil.


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I feel wonderful about that one…

Yes, today, I prepared and submitted an Assessment that seems a long time in coming. The Assessment seems a “remarkable” testament to resilience, AND perhaps gotten in, just in the nick of time. One never knows in this day and age. I was guided by higher influences it seems; so I am thankful that I could sustain so long, and in turtle like fashion edge out the rabbit by a nose. So for now, I believe I will breath a sigh or two of relief and great feeling and let it be for a tad. Sometimes it just the doing of something that brings you that great feeling. You cannot really control the outcome; and I have been dealing with seemingly super-human forces for a long time, with respect to how mightily they challenged me.

That is what the Science of Inner Strength is all about. It is having that inner resilience and commitment to overcoming all obstacles. It would be an Honor shall we say to work with you. Call the dedicated line and leave a confidential message. Thanks. 617-916-1858.

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Progress is being made, yippee

Check out

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