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Building the vision: One brick at time, lol

I am reminded of a quote from David Brinkley, the somewhat legendary former newscaster, who is quoted along the lines: “The key is to build a foundation from the bricks that are thrown at you.” I saw a similar one recently, something about building an empire from the stuff thrown at you or something. Anyway, you get the picture. I am feeling anchored in the vision these days. It feels like it is wrapping around me nicely in some ways. There is stillĀ  more to do; there almost always is. The key is maintaining a positive attitude AND that sense of compassionate genius.

The development of The Science of Inner Strength is a piece of work, and the exhilarating part has to do with developing the science itself. In some ways, The Science begins with pinpointing those aberrant behaviors occurring in society, and then pulling out from that the facets that we do not want most people to do. It is about kindness, and determination and the common good. I am a wonderful conversation with a prospective business colleague today.

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