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Learning to stand appropriately for what we believe: The challenge of our times: Thanks!

More and more a central theme of my life and work, had to do with standing for the things I believe in an appropriate sense AND helping others to do so as well. I believe it is the calling of our times, to find that inner strength, to bring it forth, and to communicate it, in an appropriate fashion. We live in times, where change is needed, and our institutions are loathe to give up control. Change must come from those who understand its need, speak from authenticity and learn appropriate means of expression: No easy task as a three step process. The Science of Inner Strength helps people on ALL three levels.

Most of us, have that true strength within us; that is so covered over by society, as the current powers that be, do not love those who can speak their minds. So finding that inner strength is the first step; often something that we did not know that we have. Then it is a matter of getting used to it, and then articulating it well. Thanks everyone.

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