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The long day’s journey into night

Well, I just saw a quote, indicating that the last mile was the longest one; so I will go with that for the moment, encouraging me, not to give up, to deepen my faith, to go on a tad longer. An amazing situation that I have been working on to me; just appeared so irrational that I had to pull back and trust God, and in essence let it go a tad. Should I pick it back up or just continue to trust? It was really uplifting to pull back; and then again, am I right on the cusp of victory, with something that I have persevered, with for so long?

Time will tell. I am not giving up; just taking one step at a time. I do not have one more tool, in my arsenal at the moment. I am like a ship going through an iceberg; actually it is funny, I recently saw a movie along those lines, where a Russian ship saved two whales that were trapped in an ice wedge. A long journey for sure… Thanks.

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A once in a millennium story: “It’s my story, and I am sticking to it,” lol, credit a guy named Dale Arnold for that quote:

I truly believe that my story is a once in a millennium one. One of the facets was to endure and survive, even thrive through what I would call the world’s worst case of emotional abuse that has extended thirty years now. True to the Science of Inner Strength, I used that situation as an opportunity for unfathomable learning and growth. Emotional abuse can be one of the most horrific types of human behavior, due to its devastating nature itself, and furthered by the sense that it is relatively invisible, and people do not know enough about it as of yet. To me, not only because I have developed a science around these issues; it is so crucial, because its equal and opposite sense is the element of decency in society.

In other words, a full turnaround in society can begin, by understanding emotional abuse. A turnaround away from the crass, even abusive nature of things, in society today, and towards our basic decency and human understanding. The intensity of the emotional abuse I suffered, led to great understandings. Thanks.

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The really long and winding road, lol

Wowsie, when I began Calm Interventions in 2003 or even began developing the theory around 1996 in some ways; not to mention earlier work, I had no idea what I was getting into. The rocky terrain, the ups and downs; the sheer stamina involved are things I could not have conceptualized, because I really had no experience with such things.

That is where things, like purpose and determination come in; as your vision and commitment is really tested through ALL of those years and situations. I am grateful for each and every one of those challenges, successes and unexpected situations, as they have uniformly added experience, learning and even wisdom to these broad shoulders and still somewhat handsome head, lol. The journey continued yesterday and today. I am thankful I had the resilience to stand for what I believe, as far as my children, myself and this world. It is challenging and that what builds character and forges our ideas.

The road is long and really winding, yes; and as my old somewhat hero Maxwell Smart would say: “And loving it. Thanks.

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Profoundly, a sense of a better world

That is my vision, my life, my work; that of a better world. There is such a practical and moral mandate in our world, especially for our younger people, to create a sense that’s our world, can be a better place. There is so much negativity that not only does our world need it, but our young people, may not have been touched by that sense of optimism that is necessary to uphold and uplift society. That is my work, that is Calm Interventions work; that is the work and world of The World’s Best Mediator creating a better planet.

Coming from our inner strength, aligns us with our goodness, our sense of wanting to do well, and even our commonality. Most of us, want a better world, and we need those people and philosophies that will uplift us. I am grateful that I have been able to come this far, in the development of a philosophy. Today being, July 4, 2018, among other things, I convey wonderful appreciation to our dear United State of America, on our 242nd birthday. Happy birthday!

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My stand for decency, and confronting evil:

For reasons, I cannot explain, a higher power has put me in a position to confront a fundamental fallacy, even an evil of society. It is my aim, in confronting this evil, to ultimately point towards decency; and most people will join in that. It remains unclear, who is the biggest purveyor of evil behavior towards my family and me, among a “small” number of people; yet I do not know everything, but I know the fight is appropriately joined on my part. I cannot and will not tolerate awful behavior and particularly as it gets as far as evil.

BTW, evil is a specific thing; is it not a “random” word that universally applies to bad behavior. Evil, pertains for one, to a bleakness of perspective, essentially no good at root. Then, evil will engage in totally disruptive and false tactics, aimed to belittle and confuse. Third and related; evil will attempt to appear as good, because evil knows what good is, and further knows that evil cannot ever act as good. So evil traffics in subterfuge and disguise.

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