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A gut check reveals the rightness of my cause

I dug deep today, and reflected on the journey that has brought me to this point. Buried deep inside me, was a sense that I am really fighting for freedom and justice and those kinds of things. While, intellectually and more I have believed that; it was further reassuring on another level, to realize that however challenging it can be, I am truly fighting for basic American values of liberty and justice. You see, there are facets of our society and legal system that have gotten challenged and moved away from our cherished American principles.

It is not easy; there are surely moments where one can question the scope of the journey; yet this understanding today, added a layer of clarity to my mind. A step back from the fray, I am grateful to see that there is both a true merit to what I am doing; AND enormous obstacles in American culture that stand in the way of our society functioning in a fair and egalitarian manner. A false sense of superiority is at the root of those challenges.

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It has been a while, dear “little blog:” A moment worthy of celebration

Once derisively referenced as my “little blog;” I find some wonderful solace in my friend this morning. It is a terrific moment to reflect and really celebrate my work, journey and certain results. I have been able to take stands that people only dream about. While I quest for final results and all that; it is a worthy moment to celebrate the struggle itself, as well as what I have become in the process. One cannot really recognize the changes that have occurred, without coming for air, and celebrating in essence.

Whatever comes of it, I have been anchored in tooth and nail battles for peace and justice for “decades” now; and it worth celebrating just that. I must face massive levels of inequality, for as long and hard as I have fought, without reaching certain destinations as of yet. So my work is a huge contribution to chipping away at that iceberg of inequality already, and I must embrace that. Surely too, becoming in the main, a happy, determined, kind person is another true reward. Happy August 22, 2018,



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