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The unbelievable nature of my story

I do not know everything, but I know that I have been through one of the all-time true stories, whether it is ever seen as such I cannot know. It is as if a cyclone of unprecedented proportions attacked my life; AND in true Science of Inner Strength fashion, it gave me the opportunity to grow and change in unfathomable ways. Still, every now and then, it is worthy to step back and assess what has happened, as a phenomenon unto itself. The perfect storm if you will, was just a startling constellation of circumstances beyond my control, from divorce law, to an unhinged familial situation, to more and more and more.

On some level, the salient thing is to look at the net effect of ALL of it, on me as a person. To say that the effect on me, was humongous, and like night and day, would be an understatement. Such a storm provides us with an opportunity to grow and change. This is where the Science of Inner Strength and accompanying purpose comes in; by developing character.

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Wishing the best for ALL

I am grateful that my life has grown in a way that if I encounter a challenge or even a rare conflict; on some level, I mainly want the best for all parties. The realms of understanding and compassion have entered my life; to see that people acting unreasonably, mainly have deep pain and/or problems of their own, and along with preserving my own interest, in the main, I do not wish to add any additional pain to them. It is a duality, as in sometimes, people who act so hurtfully do not know better and cannot stop it.

While these lack of understandings do not excuse peoples’ behavior, it does allow for more creative solutions to emerge, more than just a “me vs. you” type of dynamic. Everybody wants the sameĀ  basic needs of success and recognition; it is just hat some people are not emotionally developed to the point of pursuing these things in a healthy manner. The role of a mediator can account for these type of things. Restorative, rather than punitiveĀ  justice can bring great resolutions.

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