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Our current legal system, and related matters

My personal experience, pertaining to our divorce system and that kind of thing; along with having experienced intensive emotional abuse emanating from my own family of origin; speaks profoundly to the need for society to wake-up in some ways. That is the beauty of my story: It is that things being amiss in greater and lesser ways in society accumulated into a perfect storm of events. I choose to see that perfect storm, as a divine calling, or blessing even. I was deemed as strong enough to withstand that type of collective insanity being directed at me. Like a sculptor I suppose, I was given so much raw claw, to shape something new and beautiful.

We cannot underestimate how parts of society, beginning specifically with divorce and including things such as police, lawyers, judges, the whole nine yards is geared to proffer from what is really other peoples’ fall down, especially as it regards children and families. I say what I say with a ton of love for America and its legal system, police and lawyers. We must love families.

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What became OF me, is greater than what happened TO me: Embracing my story:With love.

Whatever happens in my life; the last thirty years or so, surely the past twenty-three have been an enormous unfolding. Assaulted outrageously, by some of those closest to me; it became a matter of what the greater cosmos had in store for me. The situation became a matter of my holding onto the principles and values that were dearest to me, AND allowing life to work its course upon me. As I fought for the things I believe, with good purpose, perhaps the even larger story was how I began and continued to change as a man and a human being. The analogy of a diamond being coal under pressure surely applied.

So, while a lot of my effort has been to develop methods and perspectives to help the world, perhaps the biggest thing was the effect of change on me, and what God and/or the universe has in store for me. The sheer magnitude of emotional abuse and challenge that I faced makes me a survivor of extraordinary degree: That is enough for the moment. Thank you to ALL.

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