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What became OF me, is greater than what happened TO me: Embracing my story:With love.

Whatever happens in my life; the last thirty years or so, surely the past twenty-three have been an enormous unfolding. Assaulted outrageously, by some of those closest to me; it became a matter of what the greater cosmos had in store for me. The situation became a matter of my holding onto the principles and values that were dearest to me, AND allowing life to work its course upon me. As I fought for the things I believe, with good purpose, perhaps the even larger story was how I began and continued to change as a man and a human being. The analogy of a diamond being coal under pressure surely applied.

So, while a lot of my effort has been to develop methods and perspectives to help the world, perhaps the biggest thing was the effect of change on me, and what God and/or the universe has in store for me. The sheer magnitude of emotional abuse and challenge that I faced makes me a survivor of extraordinary degree: That is enough for the moment. Thank you to ALL.

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