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False definition: A “fascinating” facet of emotional abuse: Towards a decent society

For those who wonder, a major facet of developing the Science of Inner Strength, has to do with have extensively experienced AND studied emotional abuse. This vastly unknown quantity, acts with retribution and impunity in our society. One of the key cruel tools of emotional/psychological abuse is the interest on the part of the abuser, in falsely defining another person or persons. It is in this way that an abuser can falsely elevate themselves and satiate the true sense of inferiority that in the deepest places they feel.

So, in order to falsely elevate themselves in sick and sadistic ways, they will denigrate and attempt to falsely define others. This false sense of superiority is the disease of our times, I believe. So bloodthirsty, in a desperate sense is such a person that they will wield their opinion like a whip, irrespective of the pain and trauma they inflict on others. It is this sense of almost being right as well; that makes these people so hard to detect. Compassionate genius is about detecting this behavior and helping society overall.

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