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Deceny versus Narcissism: The battle of our times:

On some level, it seems that the very basic battle that is AND will be played out in society essentially has to do with psychological states of mind. Perhaps it is as ancient as the notions of good versus evil that virtually always have confronted society; and yet now it has morphed into a different animal of sorts.

That animal is as basic, as doing right and/or doing good in society, with essentially good intentions, under the umbrella of decency; versus the narcissism of this day and age. The essentially horrific level of the evil of today that narcissism has a virtually incessant capacity to cloak itself as good. Corporations, political systems, courtrooms are confronted and conflicted with this sort of narcissism. While I do not know everything but I know that most people are good; there is a staunch element of deception pertaining to narcissism, where narcissists can readily rise to power, essentially tricking people and organizations.

The first step in defeating narcissism, is both building an awareness of it, as well as urging society towards its true decency!

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