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Defeating Hatred: The issue of our time: As my work evolves.

As I continue on down, my merry road; AND the work continues, I find myself prospectively running into that wonderful topic for my life and my work; that of defeating hatred and animus. It is a virtual societal plague the way people are acting, on some level, and guess what? So much of it is learned behavior; we are actually teaching people to be rude and crude to one another. Wowsie, where is that one going?  Along with, to me, superseding, ALL of the other societal challenges that one will run us into a ditch.

So, perhaps that is my magic calling out of all of the work of the past going on twenty-two years, the work of furthering our discussion and efforts to defeating hatred. I mean, it has been ensconced in our human condition for millennia; still we are at a turning point in human history. People will either get it or not, and most will over time. It is the journey and effort to defeat hatred; perhaps that will be my ultimate calling.

Thank you.



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