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Ending bullying behavior

Recently I have taken stands to eradicate a massive instance of bullying, even what I call emotional abuse. I seemed to be ridiculed for bringing up such a topic in a business setting today. Such are the pluses and minuses of being ahead of my time. I appreciate that I could walk away from a setting today, even though it was painful to do so. The realm of how people treat one another is an important one to me. Society must go through peaceful and enduring changes, to reach the level of interaction and intelligence that is both within our realm and necessary.

Such is the work of The World’s Best Mediator, to chart on, through demanding waters at times. I suppose, no matter how hard things can be at times; it is a joy to have a mission and a sense of work; that I believe I can offer to others. The work of societal change is hard for sure, harder than I thought, yet for me not something to give up on. Today is a new day. Thanks.

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