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How sweet it is:

Floral Street/Avenue

Floral Street/Avenue

Back on the brochure trail. Today it was out on Floral Street/Avenue again in Newton Highlands; a wonderful run. It has been an unfathomable piece of work to get back out on the brochure trail. Let’s just say that the opposition to progress can be extremely intense sometimes. I do not know everything, but I know that forward progress, is ultimately stronger than the forces of resistance.

A major chunk of work was done, in recent days/weeks to overcome some intense resistance yes; AND I am extremely grateful that I did not give up. There is a message with this brochure; it is a wake-up call for society on some level, and I am just grateful that I am in position to deliver it, by land and air, lol. Anyway, it is getting time for lunch. I am wondering if I need to resume Twitter again, or let that one rest; whether to do more brochures today, although I have some plans for the evening. It would remind me of old football two a days. Once is enough.

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