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I am thankful for ALL I have: A great round of brochures…

even though, it was a small round, was great in this still fall weather. A number of little things seemed to have occurred today already and that seems terrific. One little thing at a time; sometimes that is all you can really endeavor to do. The great ideas in life get tested; sometimes severely, after all, what else is it that makes them great. It is not the desire itself; it is the actuation of the ideas, standing tall at critical moments.

One piece that seems relatively evident to me, is coming to a realization of psychopathic behavior that unfolded over a twenty-five plus period, in a scenario I endured, witnessed AND assessed. It seems a tad draining to focus on it, too much, as it is my view that “most people” want to see positive results for real, as well as constructive actions, but some either do not, or get so blinded by their own neurosis or misguided sense of superiority that they think they can treat a human being in the most inhumane of ways.

One’s too many!

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