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I confronted evil, AND now I shine a light

That headline is probably my life story in some ways. It is not that I was not a good person, when all this began. It is just that I had an education in front of me, in terms of the “real” world. Indeed, it seems like my life was virtually called to actually confront evil. The evil that came at me, perhaps was caused by one or two at root; and yet did entail a perfect storm of people and circumstances.

One of the messages learned and to share is that minor indifferences or hurtful behavior can add up, if and when something coalesces those type of events, all into one place. That is why, it is incumbent on the human condition as much as we can to act in caring and appropriate ways. It is also vital for people to make sure that they are making up their own minds on things, and not being influenced by a negative group process.

I was called to see true evil, and to offer a light in an equal and opposite direction.

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