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I must say, I extremely relish my life story: The World’s Best Mediator and Beyond: Putting emotional/psychological abuse on the map.

I truly have an extremely rich life when you think about it. An old rival, just called me “friend;” high praise, from a native New Englander, indeed. But beyond that truly, the opportunity to work on something extremely enriching for society, is something I really never really conceptualized. Prior to my spiritual awakening, which began in earnest in March, 1996, I had a rather ordinary, one dimensional, ego driven perspective on the world.

Since that time I have been blessed first to discover the extremely rich world of spiritual AND emotional growth, becoming a relatively mature human being at that. Beyond that though became the professional side of things in addition to the personal. Through really extremely challenging circumstances, I have been blessed to truly discover a terrific amount about emotional and psychological abuse, and work to put that on the map for society.

For better or worse, I have had the opportunity to put forth that sense of emotional and psychological abuse, in the American court system, utilizing a “fascinating” tool, called the Tort for the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. When you really think about it, the notion of intentionally inflicting emotional distress is really what the vast things involving bullying, as well as narcissism and psychopathic behavior in society are all about. Under at least one scenario I will be the person, or surely one of the people, who has advanced the protection for ALL people, not just those of protected classes in society.

The “bullying” of a six foot five, 320 lb. man in the NFL, is just the tip of the iceberg. There really is a culture of those who thrive by hating upon and intentionally seeking to emotionally injure others. The dual challenges include people tend on some level cheer this bullying type of behavior; AND the bully is phenomenally deceptive in carrying things out, and especially effective in attempting to blame the victim.

I am at home with my role. Hateful behavior of any kind is an abomination on society. I am also blessed that I was able to break psychopathic behavior of men, in my family.

Morey Mayer Myers: Many levels of psychopahic behavior.

Morey Mayer Myers: Many levels of psychopathic behavior.

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