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In my best moments: “My goal is to turnaround the tenor of society” :)

That is my goal, on some level; to see if I can shift the mindset, somehow of our great nation and wonderful world, towards kindness, decency and inner strength. Inner strength being that notion that prosperity, must be married to purpose. I am all for, people earning lots of money and all of that; it just must be correlated to a positive purpose. My experience is so profound; that I actually believe I have a shot to change the national psyche in some ways. The main aim being to moves us away from this crassness and faulty notions of meanness being strength.

True strength, inner strength resides in a positive purpose, respect and teamwork with and for others. For me, it entails reaching within our psyche and causing a shift and a recognition that we can be successful, without being mean, indeed by being kind and considerate. It is ambitious, and yet that is where I reach for the stars and prospectively settle for the moon. I have encountered so much unfairness and false strength that I am inspired. Jon

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