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It has been a while, dear “little blog:” A moment worthy of celebration

Once derisively referenced as my “little blog;” I find some wonderful solace in my friend this morning. It is a terrific moment to reflect and really celebrate my work, journey and certain results. I have been able to take stands that people only dream about. While I quest for final results and all that; it is a worthy moment to celebrate the struggle itself, as well as what I have become in the process. One cannot really recognize the changes that have occurred, without coming for air, and celebrating in essence.

Whatever comes of it, I have been anchored in tooth and nail battles for peace and justice for “decades” now; and it worth celebrating just that. I must face massive levels of inequality, for as long and hard as I have fought, without reaching certain destinations as of yet. So my work is a huge contribution to chipping away at that iceberg of inequality already, and I must embrace that. Surely too, becoming in the main, a happy, determined, kind person is another true reward. Happy August 22, 2018,



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