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It has been a while, little blog, whew

So this week, I made major strides in getting the mailing that I am working on to fruition. The design and writing process, “oddly” took even months, and now it is getting to the point of mailing. What  a piece of work it was; and I am in the main happy about it. There was a twist and turn, even in working on the process of mailing, which came as a tad of a surprise. Yet those venerable tools of patience and perseverance, along with trusting helped to iron out that wrinkle so it seems.

Also, given that the essence of that mailing has to do with the Science of Inner Strength Honor, I offered the first two slots other than me; to some folks who I felt could use it, out of a sense of love. So that was another very positive step as well. It has surely been a process of twenty-one years, and perhaps now, I can take a step back and admire the effort, before moving on to the next stages. We shall see. Thank you.

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