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It is the degree of hatred, that is so pronounced:

While I assess an unfathomable pattern of emotional/psychological abuse, one astounding AND “fascinating” element is the degree of hatred involved. I mean there are different levels of hatred that a person can have, I suppose. What I have discovered and encountered is a degree of hatred so shocking that it virtually defies description. I suppose you cannot really let a sibling, even if younger, off of the hook because the person, is not a child, indeed he has lived in one case for fifty-three years.

This younger sibling, while influenced or not brought a degree of hatred that they can write about for centuries to come. It is startling the emergence of irrational hatred in society. I suppose that is what is so important about ALL of my work; society as a whole must stop this phenomenon of irrational hatred. People who believe they can on some miniscule basis just develop hatred towards another human being and inflict their pain on another, must be exposed and appropriately stopped, AND indeed held “accountable.”

The Ivory Towers encourages this hatred. Happy Birthday.

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