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Just a fascinating interaction, and bit of feedback:

On occasion I have been known to play a game of on-line chess, in the Internet Chess Club, an amazing place in some ways. Recently, my game has tempered, as I have decreased my interest in “beating” the other person, playing more for the enjoyment of the game, almost like a musician. In any event, I just had a conversation with a fellow, who read my on-line biography, with I list my title as The World’s Best Mediator and Unprompted he read my notes, and came back to me, with how fascinating he thought it was. Further he noticed my calm spirit in the midst of a community, where egos can run a mite out of control, and actually listed me on his biography as a great person to follow.

I was profoundly appreciative, and this further sparked a conversation with his noting how rare my perspective was. I mentioned the Tony Robbins quote, and the battle that appears to be raging as far as narcissism in our world. What is truly unbelievable is how much I can offer with regard to a conversation and directed aimed towards humanity, goodness and true benevolence, based on all of what I have learned. This blog suffices for now, as I have not yet settled on a title for a book, although I did and I kind of backtracked from it, but I wonder if that is indeed the right title, as I did write the first page. My inclination is to see if I can write something totally positive, but who knows. The title I came up with was along the lines of: “The World’s Most Evil Family and How I Became The World’s Best Mediator: A Seminal Book for the Third Millennium.” Although I thought I had moved beyond that, and sincerely desire to write something in terms of just how an understanding empathic cooperative spirit is the one that will prevail. It is really unclear at the moment.

Perhaps I will set a deadline for myself of Wednesday at noon or so, to decide which route to take; as the ideas I have are riches that must be shared.


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