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Kavanaugh, Me too, and Abuse

With the major movement going on in our country right now, for me it still boils down to a basic human issue: The right of ALL people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual preference and so on to live freely and free from abuse for sure. What women, are bringing to the table points to a particular problem in society with respect to sexual abuse and assault; AND also points to an even larger societal issue, that of living free from abuse in any form.

My work delves into what is the psyche of any human being who would seek to “impose” an unfair advantage on another in any form, physically, sexually or emotionally. Virtually all abuse really occurs from the standpoint of weakness, combined with unfair advantage and then horrifically the willingness to use that unfair advantage. Women are right to want a world where they are free of sexual abuseĀ  and assault of any kind. We also as a society must get at the component of abuse in any form that involves humans harming one another. Thanks, Jon

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