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Keeping the faith

The journey towards greatness can be a long and winding road, with  many ups and downs. One thing that is most important is the capacity to keep a positive attitude in the face of all of these challenges. I read, an interesting quote by Steve Jobs, this morning, essentially saying that every morning he looked in the mirror, and asked himself if today was the last day of his life; would he be doing something that he wanted to do?

As challenging as it is, I can sincerely say yes, that I am doing the things that I want to be doing. Having the opportunity to work on complex human challenges, is what I love to do. Having a sense that I am developing new human understandings, or at least having a commitment to working to defeat hatred, in our lifetimes, and that kind of thing, is enormously inspiring to me. There surely; are setbacks and a lack of understanding from others. Yet, that is the beauty of doing something new, by definition others do not see it yet. Thanks.

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