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Making History:

A Wonderful day, to reflect a tad. It seems that my recent work has brought me closer to the sense of making history with my work. At issue is, for one, the issue of emotional abuse and people treating people other cruelly. Indeed, I have actually seen evil, a most challenging entity to confront. I am not daunted. I believe that I have a divine destiny, with my life and work.

The areas that this work can begin to take further root, have to do with challenging emotional abuse, and instilling its equal and opposite, which is decency. Also, there is the opportunity to challenge our very court system, particularly in the area of divorce and family law. People would be aghast, if they knew more broadly, how inappropriately our court system can function, especially when it comes to our very children.

I have been given this legacy, this voice, this opportunity to make these points, and as I need be, I will meet them head on. I must be fearless, and trust in my mission. Happy holiday, love, Jon

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