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Morality the issue of our times AND we cannot allow extraneous evil:

Events which hit so hard in my hometown of Boston yesterday exhibit what is best and worst about human nature. Worst in the heinous acts that would commit such merciless atrocities; the best in the response from law enforcement, to medical people, to average citizens on the street offering their efforts and their hearts to those affected by this tragedy. I join with many many Bostonians and those from around the country and the world, in offering my heart and my prayer for anybody affected by this tragedy for sure.

These events underscore for me as I have known the existence of evil in our world. Unfortunately I have seen evil, not in the same manner, but similar in its cowardly nature within our divorce system, and even in family situations. To me, I am clear, evil is evil! As I have talked about recently Parental Alienation and narcissistic parents who would turn against their own child(ren) are evil. Most people are good, and must act good for decency and morality. Parents who harm their own children too, evil!










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