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My amazing story:

It is “fascinating;” the more I work and reflect, the most astounding on some level, my life and work is and has become. I mean I am not bragging; it is wonderful to go through a process where you can see the growth of your ideas, life and work in action. This period seems to be such a period for me, to replenish much that has gone on, with a bountiful harvest type of attitude. It is also having that supreme confidence that much of the work is done, and things will unfold in a wonderful fashion. It is time for a sigh of relief in that way; while still keep moving forward with the important aspects that need to be nurtured and grown.

It is about having developed a way that involves loving what you do, to the point where, it is really not work at all, or at least so much., Today, feels like such a day, in a liberating sense. It is a certain kind of letting go that grabbed me too, a lightness of being.


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