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My mission in life: To repair some of this social fabric

On some level, a lot of work that I did recently brought me to one point. That point had to d with repairing a part of the social fabric of society. A number of issues in life came at me over an extended period of time, in a perfect storm kind of sense. There were inequalities in our divorce law; there was horrible emotional abuse; there was gaining of an understanding of extreme narcissistic/ psychopathic behavior; there were inequities in our courts as a whole, and probably a couple others thrown in there. These forces galvanized AND came at me for “decades” on some level.

It was my response in forming the Science of Inner Strength to stand in there and resist these things, and formulate better ways to do things. That is it, in the essence, essentially I was confronted with so much challenge that I not only had to resist such things, but to develop a better way as well. The fact that I was confronted with this, reveals major shortcomings in society. I seek to bring repair.

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