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My stand for decency, and confronting evil:

For reasons, I cannot explain, a higher power has put me in a position to confront a fundamental fallacy, even an evil of society. It is my aim, in confronting this evil, to ultimately point towards decency; and most people will join in that. It remains unclear, who is the biggest purveyor of evil behavior towards my family and me, among a “small” number of people; yet I do not know everything, but I know the fight is appropriately joined on my part. I cannot and will not tolerate awful behavior and particularly as it gets as far as evil.

BTW, evil is a specific thing; is it not a “random” word that universally applies to bad behavior. Evil, pertains for one, to a bleakness of perspective, essentially no good at root. Then, evil will engage in totally disruptive and false tactics, aimed to belittle and confuse. Third and related; evil will attempt to appear as good, because evil knows what good is, and further knows that evil cannot ever act as good. So evil traffics in subterfuge and disguise.

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