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On some level, I want to change the national tenor

Along with the Science of Inner Strength and all of that, part of me really wants to change our national discourse and dialogue towards a much more constructive tone. That is what the Science of Inner Strength is all about, revealing to people that being kind, being cooperative and that kind of thing are not weaknesses; they are strengths. For some an issue like climate change is the greatest threat; in the same way, with its creeping tenor, our loss of civility AND embracing of crassness, is truly our greatest threat.

Working together as people, we can solve virtually any challenge. Look at our own American cities, and the challenges of youth unrest, lack of meaningful employment and even violence. By rolling up our sleeves, we can solve these problems. This is where the Science of Inner Strength is so important, as it helps people develop an appropriate role. If we merely believe that all we have to do is shout our own opinion at the top of our lungs, without being appropriate, respect and responsive, then we are ineffective.

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