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One day, it can look like a crater, one day its all covered up.

I do not like coming across as too absolute in anything, for the most part. There clearly are influences and circumstances far greater than we are at time. Look at the good people of Oklahoma and the Midwest affected so deeply by Tornadoes and storms. You really never know in this world, what you have, until you appreciate it or lose it. I have a dream and it seems inculcated in those brochures for some reason, so perhaps I can get those rolling pretty soon.

Perhaps I push too hard sometimes, and it is time to slow down and enjoy the weather as the case may be. The things that matter most to me are kindness, true care and people be willing to cross bridges to build relationships. So there is some catching up on things here, as much has been accomplished recently. It is supposed to be a scorcher today. May the world think positive thoughts and look and work to find ways to communicate honestly, substantively and gently. We are virtually

all moved and touched by gentle truth.

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