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Patience and perseverance it is:

Today, I reached an insight in a situation that I have been working on for a while, that was astonishing and unexpected. It is funny, when you are working on something substantial, you can be close to the right answer for a long time; but not exactly on it. It is kind of like one of those games, where you have to get the ball, to fall into the hole. Sometimes, it can take a long time for the ball, to keep going by the hole, before it falls in.

I am not certain, as stepping back a tad, AND sleeping on it, may provide some further insight; still it seems possible. In any event, I read something recently that was inspiring, along the lines: “Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud; be proud of what you have done until now.” In that regard, I am proud, a great success, is built upon many smaller successes, so time and patience will tell.

I wonder sometimes, are reaching our goals real success, or is it the journey too?

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