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Quite a remarkable day

It seems like a lot of things are feeling like on some level, they are coming to fruition. Nothing massive as of yet; just a feeling and an ease of things and definitely some good results in certain areas. I am grateful I could work hard today, and for most of this week and the previous week. I went to the wall on a project; AND I was wondering, if I should keep on going at that pace. Fortunately, I believe I decided to slow down and catch up, and it seemed like a wonderful decision.

I had the notion in mind, of running through the finish line, and perhaps it was that kind of thing, on a small level, and even a greater scale. Time will tell. It is just a feeling of championship, after putting myself proverbially out on a limb. As the saying goes, because that is where the fruit is. So, living with uncertainty is a regular part of everything. Even in reaching our goals, perhaps nothing is finally done.

So enjoy the moment. Happy holidays.

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