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Received a communique from the hopeless, mopeless gang today:

At least they went by their own rules this time, lol. Let me pose this question, how big a universe of people do you think it would be, of “parents” who would bind with a vicious ex-wife, against their own relatively noble first son? Let us see, there are now well over seven billion people in the world.

Do you really think there are more than two people on the planet; who would outrageously scheme and plan with an ex-wife, to cut their own Jewish born first son, out of his extremely deep-rooted family? Sincerely, in a world of more than seven billion people, could there be more than two people in the universe, who would outrageously bind viciously with an ex-wife against their own son?

The answer is that universe consists of two and solely two people itself; in the diverse, ever-changing world of seven billion people. Those two “parents:” who live on that most malicious and devious of islands are Sondra and Morey Myers. You see, spending collectively 165 years in one little town without any beliefs, breeds desperation.


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