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Saw an eagle this morning

What a wonderful day so far. Discovered a nature area near home; and even ran across an Eagle. I first caught a glimpse of it, off of the water; and then I spoke with a new friend Kyle, who pointed out to me that the Eagle was sitting in a tree across the water. That was pretty sterling, being so close to the city and seeing an eagle!

Such moments are very refreshing in terms, of life itself, before I suppose getting to the work. It is great to remember that life does exist, aside from the work as well. Such moments, have been kind of rare for me; and I actually believe now that I think about it, it will be wonderful to meld in more of the real life. I saw an affirmation from the late Louise Hay this morning, which encouraged me towards nature, and the magic was truly there. Well, let’s see what the next part of the day reveals; as I have some writing to do, possibly, although the notion of enjoyment is great too.

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