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The really long and winding road, lol

Wowsie, when I began Calm Interventions in 2003 or even began developing the theory around 1996 in some ways; not to mention earlier work, I had no idea what I was getting into. The rocky terrain, the ups and downs; the sheer stamina involved are things I could not have conceptualized, because I really had no experience with such things.

That is where things, like purpose and determination come in; as your vision and commitment is really tested through ALL of those years and situations. I am grateful for each and every one of those challenges, successes and unexpected situations, as they have uniformly added experience, learning and even wisdom to these broad shoulders and still somewhat handsome head, lol. The journey continued yesterday and today. I am thankful I had the resilience to stand for what I believe, as far as my children, myself and this world. It is challenging and that what builds character and forges our ideas.

The road is long and really winding, yes; and as my old somewhat hero Maxwell Smart would say: “And loving it. Thanks.

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