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Defeating Hatred

On some level, one of my greatest life ambitions, is to start the conversation about defeating hatred. The direction of our world, seems so snide at times; AND for the most part it is learned behavior. It most be a fear-based notion of people acting with all due respect like there is something much larger to fear. Such is our world. Where is that notion of FDR: “That there is nothing to fear but fear itself.” The capacity to develop win-win approaches for ourselves and others is so important in this day and age, and the popular mindset, is more a fearful notion of just taking care of our ourselves, no matter how mean and rude we are acting.

Somehow this negative cycle must be broken, and the work of creating positive, win-win elements must be fortified. That is really the essence of Calm Interventions work; helping people develop positive images, develop win-win approaches, and all kinds of things, aimed to bring out our best. I do not know everything, but I know a positive attitude is our greatest aim.

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Outstanding: They arrived, and the Assessment rate is set:

The brochures arrived in a timely fashion; a tad of confusion about the version but nothing major, all ready to go, I take it for right after the holiday. Yes, I believe it is settled as well, the Assessment and  Action Plan program basic rate entails a six hour session, and the rate is $3600; that reasonably speaking I believe will be life transformative for people. Not only will people in the main, get a sense to handle a prospective conflict, but they will also being the process of finding their inner strength and positive direction right in the middle of the controversy. It is a relatively revolutionary manner of understanding AND resolving conflict.

The Calm Interventions Assessment and Action Plan can also be used for strategic planning, working through of issues, developing goals and positive communication, all kinds of things. The Calm Interventions Assessment and Action Plan is for people looking to make a positive shine in the twenty-first century that will last througout the  century; also surely for families and individuals and organizations in need. I am extremely thankful.

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